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Take back Drupal.

The days of guessing what Drupal sites are doing at your higher-ed institution, multi-site organization or digital agency are over.

See it all

Bring your sites into Dewy and discover what sites are big or small, active or stale, loved or needing love. Helpful views bring your sites into focus.


Powerful querying

Ever been in a meeting where someone asked how many Drupal sites are live with webforms? Version 3.24? And average over 1000 hits a day? Any question, no matter how complex, can be answered with a few clicks.


Coming soon:
Notifications, integrations, mailing lists and more!

Let your sites tell you when they need your attention. Create mailing lists of users. Talk to the Dewy API to create unique workflows. Powerful new features are on the way.

How it works

  • 1Sign up for Dewy and get a unique key.
  • 2Install the Drupal module with that key to any site you want insight into.
  • 3Get all the details on all your sites.